SFL Language Tutorial 1

  1. Simulation Environment

    In this tutorials, we use following environment (EDA Linux LiveCD). The entry language is SFL and we convet the source code to Verilog. Then with provided Verilog simulation script, we will compile into execution script of Icarus Verilog. The execution script generates text output and optionaly Value Change Dump file (VCD file) for wave form viewer GTKwave.

    In EDA Linux LiveCD, we have a directory (KISO1) that hold the tutorial examples with Makefile and execution scripts. We can execute the simulation with:

    # ./exe {-wave} file

    -wave is an optional parameter and file is a filename without extension.

  2. Basic structure of SFL

    In this section, we will learn the basic structure of SFL.

  3. Scripts used in this tutorial