Structured LSI Design with SFL

Naohiko Shimizu, IP ARCH, Inc.

In this document, we will explain the design methodology of VLSI with Structured Functional Description Language (SFL).


  1. Introduction to VLSI Design (not yet)

    1. LSI Design flow

      1. Modeling of the system

      2. LSI Design Specification

      3. Hierarchical Structure of Logic

      4. Detailed Logic Design

    2. Hardware Description Language SFL

  2. SFL Language Tutorial 1

  3. SFL Language Tutorial 2 (not yet)

  4. ASIC Design with SFL and Alliance VLSI Tool Set (not yet)

  5. C Base Logic Simulation with Verilator (not yet)

  6. RISC Processor SN/X Design and Simulation (not yet)

  7. SFL Language Reference (not yet)