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  1. HP100LX/HP200LX
    1. EMM200 patch project: to make EMM200 work with newer HP200LX. Recently I got a HP200LX/4MB, and I was looking for a new way to make EMS pages. 2MB version of HP200LX will work fine with my patch to EMM200.
      1. 200LX/2MB patch kit
      2. 200LX/4MB patch kit
    2. IrDA connection: Most of my computers running with PC-UNIX(FreeBSD or Linux). I purchased Belkin RedEye(about $30.00 street price), and it works fine with LXTOOLS under the FreeBSD with 9600bps. I uses it for backuping 200LX. For higher speed, it is required to program RedEye with RTS,DTR control lines. I will seek a way to control RTS/DTR without /dev/io. Belkin support was very kind to tell me the programming informations. It is subset of Crystal Semiconductor's CS8130.
      I tried to make FreeBSD to communicate with 200LX, and got a half success. This is my checking software for 200LX datacomm. I tried 115k, 57k, 38.4k, 19.2k, 9.6k(default), and found that it works only with 115k and 9.6k. 57k is near miss status,
      when FreeBSD send "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO", 200LX recieved "qrstuvwxyzKLMNO",
      I don't know why. Note that "A" == 0x41, "q" == 0x71.
    3. Japanese localization with free softwares.
      I am now setting up Japanese localization environment with free softwares. Now I am almost finished with it, and can use Japanese with most build-in softwares except 1-2-3. Following softwares are used for my environment.
      1. Fontman: Font manager
      2. YADC: DOS/C display driver
      3. DSP14: Japanese display driver for SysMgr.
      4. IBMKEY: Fixing cursor key code
      5. EXKEY: Map FEP toggle key.
      6. WXII: Japanese input method(FEP)
      7. IME100: MS-Kanji interface for SysMgr.
      8. FEPIO: Bridging software between SysMgr and IME100
      9. acyadc: Reactivate yadc in SysMgr DOS session. This program is not publicly available. I just build with DEBUG command within the HP200LX. For practical, it is required to make some TSR just as kdisp100.

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